Torit Language Center Montessori

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Torit Language Center Montessori offers a unique early education, from infancy through Grade 3 (Lower Elementary). We teach children in the Montessori tradition, a tradition well-researched, honed and perfected over more than 100 years.
In keeping with Dr. Maria Montessori’s own globalism and commitment to peace education, we teach our children (future citizenry) the foreign languages of Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish. Our exceptional curriculum for children is complimented by schedules and offerings designed to support busy families.

The more you learn about Montessori, early foreign language exposure and our school culture, the more convinced you may be that Torit Language Center Montessori could be your perfect partner in the weighty, uplifting, journey that is child-rearing from birth through Elementary.

Mandarin Numbers and Counters