Opening Minds....Opening Doors

Welcome to Torit Montessori! 

From the moment you are greeted at the door until the moment you say "ma╩┐ al-salamah" or perhaps "adios," you will see and experience the Torit difference.  Torit offers a classical education in our unique private school in Boston for infants, toddler and preschool (preprimary) students, and Elementary Grades 1through Grade 6, with the Montessori values, methods, and curriculum as the guiding force behind all we do.

Come for a visit and experience the Torit difference. 


Elementary students explore the world around them to discover their place in it, build on their skills, and practice contributing as a member of the Torit community.   All learning is hands-on and interdisciplinary.  In the Elementary years a Torit student begins to appreciate his or her power to impact the world, and the responsibility for learning that attends it.


Young preschool/Pre-K children learn to work independently, realize they are part of a larger community and develop self-confidence, all while building foundational skills most relevant today.  Each child's day is filled with the joy of a new challenge and the familiarity of playing and learning together with peers. 


Care, exploration and play are the top priorities for Infants and Toddlers. Every day there is something new to learn. Classrooms have all the comforts of home and the stimulation of a classroom guided by staff as knowledgeable about development as they are caring. 

Banner, middle and right photographs by Nycebutterfly Photography.