the torit montessori Mission

Our mission is to provide bright and capable students the opportunity to guide their own learning through individualized work plans, vibrant hands-on materials, and traditional textbooks that complement the materials they’re mastering  Additionally students learn how to help others and work cooperatively through dynamic field based learning, historical dramas, science projects, student created yearbooks and newsletters, community service and much more.   

Students at Torit do not waste time sitting through group lessons on what they already know or on what is too difficult for them.  The expectations are high and teachers are vigilant in ensuring that students are reaching their individual potential with a rich curriculum in language arts, math, science, geography and history.  In addition to exposure to high academic demands, the students learn Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish and are provided with numerous historical and current frameworks for considering the global world in which they live. 

"Torit is simply remarkable in its dedication to educating the whole child." 

-Torit Parent

what we offer

  • Infant, Toddler, Preschool/PreK, Kindergarten and Elementary education

  • Full Montessori-based curriculum and teaching methods at all levels

  • Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish instruction for all students

  • Arts, Sports, and Music

  • Two campuses in downtown Boston with unrivaled opportunities to learn about American history, civic life, and service to the community.

  • 30+ FTE teachers with an average of 10+ years teaching experience, 20% of whom were born outside the U.S. and native Arabic, Mandarin or Spanish speakers

  • Ongoing professional development for teachers